Are you and your furry companion eager to explore the best dog-friendly spaces in Kent? Well, tails will definitely wag with excitement! We’ve rounded up the top dog parks and fields in Kent, each offering a unique experience for your four-legged friends to run, play, and socialise.

Puppy Dog Tails Walking Field: A Four-Pawed Retreat

Embark on a journey with your pup to Puppy Dog Tails Walking Field in Medway, Kent. This four-acre enclosed space, strictly for private hire, offers a safe haven for your dog to romp and play. Get ready for an exclusive adventure in this doggy paradise​​.

Happy Hound: Secure Dog Adventures

Next stop, Happy Hound in Adisham near Canterbury, where your dog can have a secure adventure in a specially designed field. Book a slot and let your furry friend explore to their heart’s content in this safe environment​​.

Freedom Fields: Exploring Nature with Your Pooch

At Freedom Fields, located in Walmer, Deal, Kent, your canine companion can enjoy 3.5 acres of beautiful land. With a secure 6-foot fence and amenities for both dogs and humans, this park promises a stress-free outing for all​​.

Yogi’s Field: A Sanctuary for Canine Fun

In Benenden, Kent, Yogi’s Field awaits. Named after a beautiful Sarplaninac, this two-acre field set on a gentle hill offers a peaceful yet playful environment for your dog. It’s a place where dogs can run, train, and play, all in a secure setting​​.

Royal Hounds Dog Park: Where Paws Meet Play

For a more social experience, visit Royal Hounds Dog Park in Sole Street, Kent. With two separate 1.2-acre arenas, your dog can interact safely and have fun making new friends. Both arenas are fully surrounded by high-quality fencing, ensuring a secure playtime​​.

Unleashed Off-Lead: Off-Lead Fun and Freedom

Located between Snodland and Birling, Unleashed Off-Lead offers a field split into two areas. Here, your dog can enjoy running and playing off-lead in a fully secure environment, surrounded by beautiful scenery and high fencing​​.

Pawfect Stays: Fenced Fun for Furry Friends

Pawfect Stays presents a privately owned, fully fenced 2-acre field in Kent. This field is a safe haven with a shelter, sand pit, sensory corner, and agility jumps, providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and fun​​.

A Tail of Fun and Freedom

So, there you have it – a guide to some of the best dog parks and fields in Kent! Whether you’re seeking a secure space for solo play, a social setting for your pup, or a training ground, Kent has it all. It’s time to unleash the fun and explore these canine-friendly spaces. Remember to respect the rules of each park and enjoy the wagging tails and happy barks of your furry friends!

Pack up your dog’s favourite toys, and let’s embark on a tail-wagging adventure across Kent’s finest dog parks and fields! Remember, each step in these parks is a step into a world of joy and freedom for your four-legged companion.